Behind The Smile!

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Consistent Actions Create Consistent Results.

Sometimes people see the outside & assume they know me….they wouldn’t know the Struggles hidden behind A smile daily.
The hurt I travel with buried deep within me.
The sacrifices that remains untold.
Short lived victories….not even A moment to bask in the glory.

We all face challenges daily.
Even the ones we expect to believe in us will put us down, never stop investing in Yourself.
You are your greatest investment.
Achieve your goals & bring your dreams to life.
Make everyday an opportunity to improve you.

Remember Consistent Actions Create Consistent Results!!


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My New Year’s Resolution


Hooray!! 2017 is finally out the door & my guess is you can sense how excited I am that I have closed that chapter of my life. Growing up we always hear that what doesn’t kill you  makes you stronger and with so many tragic lost of lives among my age group/peers, I am grateful to be alive and will not complain about the punches that 2017 threw at me. Instead I’ll use those lessons to prepare for my future fights i.e knowing when to block, when to swing or simply which fights to walk away from.

It’s the beginning of a New Year & this is when we all should not just make New Year’s resolutions, but make a commitment to ourselves to see them through. Too often we’re all guilty of the New Year’s Resolution fever, we jot things down in the heat of the moment only to break promises we made to ourselves merely days after. I don’t know about y’all, but the feeling I get from disappointing myself haunts me & hangs over my head like a dark cloud on a gloomy day.

For my 2018 New Year’s Resolution I’ve decided to try a new approach, I have selected one (1) word; “Persistence”  for every goal or hobby I set out to do it will revolve around this one word. I’ll remain persistent in whatever step I take to achieve my goals, reminding myself that at every corner for 2018 quitting or being lazy is not an option!


What steps are you gonna take to make 2018 your Foundation year?

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The Escape

I have my days when I want to escape.

Set both my mind and body free from this Place.

Living in a society that has become polluted.

Third world countries ravaged by diseases and hunger, no help because we are being “Economical.”

Yet in first world countries we have chicken Flavored pet food how comical.

Immorality rots our soul and the truth diluted

They say freedom of speech, Yet we’re Mocked or ignored when we speak.

These days the media’s only interest are Stories that sells, just another platform from which lies are preached.

Leaving me with one (1) question, am I a passenger on a train Destined for failure?


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The Mask

She looked at me confused and said “you seem lost”.

Her voice trembled when she asked, is it something from your past?

Time must have paused I stood frozen.

My mind now riddled with thoughts.

She’ll never know my reality wears a mask.

Concealing it a lifetime task.

Nights when I close my eyes & pray.

Then look to the stars & wish for a better day.

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My Love


Wait for me my love.
It may not be today or tomorrow my love.
But with every beat my heart is sure,
That time will bring us back together my love.
A writer yet I can’t find the words to describe,
The light you brought to this dark soul my love.

This howling emptiness without you my love.
A splash of your perfume illuminates my face,
Who knew you could trap so many memories in a bottle my love.
Taken away by the one guest we anticipate but never want over.
Your hands turned cold & your eyes shut,
Closing the door to a beautiful soul.
Wait for me my love!
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The world thinks she lacks a dream, in our eyes she’s an immoral being.

She roams the streets at nights.

Fulfilling fantasies for a reasonable price.

So many times she has encountered danger.

The risk of sleeping with strangers.

What the world doesn’t know at the tender age of thirteen (13).

This innocent soul was robbed of her dreams.

To this day when she close her eyes she can still hear the screams.

Yet we expect her to exercise morality, when the one she trusted the most showed her such brutality.

We see all her flaws, but we will never see or understand the depths of her “SCARS”.

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Personal Evolution

I remember taking this picture a few years ago, I was sitting on the window seat, reflecting on where my life was & where I wanted it to be. I was at that point where I felt like I was wasting my true potential & channeling my energy into the wrong things. This eventually drained me & believe me energy drained on negatives impacts you the most spiritually, physically & mentally.

Often we hear that once there’s “Life” there’s hope, but this is not entirely true. You can live as long as time allows, but if you don’t establish a purpose or set goals in life and work towards them life itself becomes meaningless. I found out that is what I was doing just living with the “Hope” to see tomorrow, not realizing that even life itself shows nothing stays the same forever.

I learnt to be a achiever one must grow or undergo some form of change and never be afraid to take a calculated risk.

Some people will debate if personal evolution comes as a biological change “aging” or a change in our level of consciousness I’ll leave them to that. For me its putting things into perspective, believing in oneself & goals and adopting good principles young or old. Knowing when to be a friend of the light & when to seek comfort & refuge from the dark.

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The Open Eye Dreamer

Many times we try to be doctors in our lives but its sad to say that not even doctors have all the answers.

We try to diagnose and resolve problems and situations we face.

Some seem like diseases with no cure they still exist even if we amputate them from our lives.

Years of questions and research yet you are nowhere closer to understanding, the pain you feel and the emptiness it has created.

I believe however that mankind was gifted with the greatest medicines ever the ability to hope and have faith.

I will forever dream with my eyes open because with Hope and Faith happiness will not only be a Vision but a Reality.

Challenge Yourself

Often we complain about obstacles & situations we are faced with, yet thats all we do complain. Its very rare we find a problem that is limited to a specific individual, thats the thing about being human we are met with challenges everyday. Some we have the answers to immediately like (2+2), while others will be like finding (x). Its seems difficult yet we know there’s a solution, because others before you have solved it. Life is like finding (x) don’t give up without trying or if you try and fail don’t give on the first try. Others before you have conquered X, and who is to tell after how many tries. Only by challenging yourself will you know your true capabilities and only by challenging yourself will you experience growth. A plant does not give up with it can’t find the sun, it leans towards where it will find it or it grows taller to find it. Never limit yourself….We have quotes that we take for granted everyday but today I leave you with “Shoot For The Moon….Even If You Miss You Land Among The Stars”. Reflect on this and challenge yourself & reach for your goals.