My New Year’s Resolution


Hooray!! 2017 is finally out the door & my guess is you can sense how excited I am that I have closed that chapter of my life. Growing up we always hear that what doesn’t kill you  makes you stronger and with so many tragic lost of lives among my age group/peers, I am grateful to be alive and will not complain about the punches that 2017 threw at me. Instead I’ll use those lessons to prepare for my future fights i.e knowing when to block, when to swing or simply which fights to walk away from.

It’s the beginning of a New Year & this is when we all should not just make New Year’s resolutions, but make a commitment to ourselves to see them through. Too often we’re all guilty of the New Year’s Resolution fever, we jot things down in the heat of the moment only to break promises we made to ourselves merely days after. I don’t know about y’all, but the feeling I get from disappointing myself haunts me & hangs over my head like a dark cloud on a gloomy day.

For my 2018 New Year’s Resolution I’ve decided to try a new approach, I have selected one (1) word; “Persistence”  for every goal or hobby I set out to do it will revolve around this one word. I’ll remain persistent in whatever step I take to achieve my goals, reminding myself that at every corner for 2018 quitting or being lazy is not an option!


What steps are you gonna take to make 2018 your Foundation year?

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