Personal Evolution

I remember taking this picture a few years ago, I was sitting on the window seat, reflecting on where my life was & where I wanted it to be. I was at that point where I felt like I was wasting my true potential & channeling my energy into the wrong things. This eventually drained me & believe me energy drained on negatives impacts you the most spiritually, physically & mentally.

Often we hear that once there’s “Life” there’s hope, but this is not entirely true. You can live as long as time allows, but if you don’t establish a purpose or set goals in life and work towards them life itself becomes meaningless. I found out that is what I was doing just living with the “Hope” to see tomorrow, not realizing that even life itself shows nothing stays the same forever.

I learnt to be a achiever one must grow or undergo some form of change and never be afraid to take a calculated risk.

Some people will debate if personal evolution comes as a biological change “aging” or a change in our level of consciousness I’ll leave them to that. For me its putting things into perspective, believing in oneself & goals and adopting good principles young or old. Knowing when to be a friend of the light & when to seek comfort & refuge from the dark.

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