Challenge Yourself

Often we complain about obstacles & situations we are faced with, yet thats all we do complain. Its very rare we find a problem that is limited to a specific individual, thats the thing about being human we are met with challenges everyday. Some we have the answers to immediately like (2+2), while others will be like finding (x). Its seems difficult yet we know there’s a solution, because others before you have solved it. Life is like finding (x) don’t give up without trying or if you try and fail don’t give on the first try. Others before you have conquered X, and who is to tell after how many tries. Only by challenging yourself will you know your true capabilities and only by challenging yourself will you experience growth. A plant does not give up with it can’t find the sun, it leans towards where it will find it or it grows taller to find it. Never limit yourself….We have quotes that we take for granted everyday but today I leave you with “Shoot For The Moon….Even If You Miss You Land Among The Stars”. Reflect on this and challenge yourself & reach for your goals.


  1. Very inspiring Fidel I am so proud you. Keep up the good work I know this will help to motivate others and help them to grow.

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